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Art for video games

Professional illustration service for videogames


Video Games with Retro Style


Goo Games is a video game development company for mobile devices, PC and web. We focus on creating intellectual property, and development tailored for companies.

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If you have any concept of game in mind, we have the artistic and technical means to create a videogame from scratch. Contact us if you wish to carry out a joint project.


Through advergaming, we manage to publicize your brand or product using games as a transmitting vehicle, reaching thousands of users in a direct and playful way.


Through videogames and educational applications with gamification techniques, we offer unique tools that will help users or students in their learning process.

“We develop videogames in 2D and 3D environments for mobile devices, web platforms and PCs. We take part in the integral development of a video game, covering the pre-production phases, creation of graphic resources, programming and quality control. ”

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We create all kinds of educational and entertainment games for mobile devices on platforms such as AppStore and Google Play.

Cute Animals Proximamente!

13 junio, 2017

Arte para videojuegos

3 mayo, 2017

Proyecto Bigheads

3 mayo, 2017

Ravens Sky

30 marzo, 2014

If you imagine it, we can do it!

Do you want to create your own title or do you need advice?

At the time of developing a videogame, it has an experienced video game development company. We provide the creativity and technical knowledge necessary to respond with guarantee to the needs of each project.

Our Projects

Commercial Games

We design and develop video games for virtual stores such as playstore and apple store among others. We also provide development tailored for companies.


If you want to create a videogame, but only have partial means, we can give you advise on art and technology. We have wide experience in the development of video games or other multimedia products. both for pedagogical and cultural, social or commercial purposes.


We create videogames or advertising applications. We implement game mechanics that will bring your brand closer to an audience of fun and entertainment.

Art for video games

We offer professional illustration services, character design, and art for video games in 2D and 3D.

Educational games

Educational video games can be an excellent training tool. All this without losing the potential for fun and addiction of video games.

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